Tuesday, November 08, 2005

FAG HAG: Women Who Love Gay Men!

I was totally oblivious of the fact that I was a fag hag myself until I stepped into the theatre last saturday to view the latest of Justine Pimlott's filmography, Fag Hag: Women Who Love Gay Men! Well, to some extent, I do consider myself one though my relationship with my gay male friends are in no way as personal as the one's Pimlott has explored.
After watching this 52-minute Canadian documentary at the Image + Nation festival here in Montreal, I was amazed at the way the relationship of three "couples" seemed to be a pure reflection of heterosexual couples. In a world where views and standards are dominated and normalized by our capitalist and patriarchal system, this documentary offers an insight of three different couples who share a particular relationship together. Why is it so peculiar? Pretty simple: The man is gay; the woman is straight.
It's interesting how all of these individuals, both women and men, admit to thinking about whether or not they were meant to be together with their "partner" under the identity of boyfriend/girlfriend or wife/husband. It's no secret that these men are gay yet the relationship they share is so profound and particular, that it leads you into questionning the idea of having a soulmate of the opposite sex regardless of your sexual orientation.
Intercutted with short clips of stand-up comic Margaret Cho as an indirect narrator, Fag Hags also explores the SWISH organization (Straight Women In Support of Homos), adding entertainment value to the documentary.
Funny. Entertaining. Interesting. Different. Recommended.

Fag Hag: Women Who Love Gay Men
Dir. Justine Pimlott
52 minutes


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